Floral Design

Wylie Floral specializes in unique, beautiful and classic floral displays that compliment your wedding style.  We look at all aspects of your wedding to come up with floral designs that enhance and not detract from your dress, space, reception…etc.  Using the best quality flowers and products, Wylie creates stunning and memorable floral arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and centerpieces.

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Graphic Design & Branding

Wylie Weddings houses two wonderful graphic designers and branding specialists.  Working with our clients to understand their vision and represent that in a visual way, our designers set the precedent for how your wedding will feel.  We work to ensure your vital details are communicated clearly, yet in a fashion that represents you and your style.


Wylie Weddings provides a variety of different coordination packages.  From simply implementing your  ideas on the day of–to walking through the process with you–we love helping you plan and organize the myriad of details that make your day beautiful.  Our job is to truly understand your vision, priorities and budget and then MAKE IT HAPPEN!  A few things that we will always do, regardless what package you choose:

  • we will always provide a free consultation
  • we will always attend your rehearsal
  • we will always take the time needed to understand your vision and plan
  • we will always do our best to make sure close family and friends are free of stress on the day of your wedding

Event Design

From the first glance at the invitation to the last dance at the end of the night, the details of your event set the tone for your guests.  All the elements–from custom centerpieces to favors, chandeliers and linens–help to communicate your personal style and vision for your wedding.  Whether you have specific ideas of what you want–or you can’t figure out where to start–our design team can help.  We love sitting down with our clients and hearing their dreams of the perfect day.

Services range from simply implementing the elements you create–to full design packages with custom created elements.  With your free consultation, we can figure out where you fall on that spectrum and how we can help you achieve your visual goals.

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