Our Team

After working together on all our friends’ weddings, we officially joined forces in 2010 to create the Wylie Weddings team.  All members of the team are professionals in their own field–but we thrive on working together. Thirty years ago we probably would have bought a bus and toured the country playing folk music festivals together.

Katie Hund: Design, Coordination, Floral

Artist Statement:

I love the details; I love delegating; I love getting things done.  I am constantly thinking through how things will work, what needs to be organized and how to get it done with the resources available.  Multi-tasking is one of my favorite things.  I love taking simple things and making them beautiful as well as thinking “outside the box” to create an event that truly captures the spirit of those being celebrated.  I started working on weddings when my dear friends started getting married.  Through the stress and business, I love working hard and seeing the vision come true.  It’s totally worth it.

Meet Katie:

  1. Creative Inspiration: I am constantly inspired by nature and the common things around us.  I love walking by houses and seeing the things that aren’t usually beautiful–and highlighting them to make them beautiful.
  2. Favorite part of a wedding: I love the moment when all the elements come together–flowers, decor, people…there is a moment when the things you’ve been working on for months finally join together into the perfect representation of our client’s vision.
  3. Stranded on a desert island, what would you bring? friends, a good book, a sunhat (please refer to the answer to question 4) Read more …

Jessie Engelhardt: Coordination and Design

Meet Jessie:

We are so lucky to have Jessie on our Wylie team!  She brings to the table many years of wedding and event coordination–as well as experience with event design and interior design.  Clients love working with Jessie as she provides a listening ear, voice of reason, lots of laughs and a calm, helpful presence on the day of your wedding.

Stay tuned for her own artist statement and fun facts!  (It’s the wedding season, so we’re all a bit busy right now!!)

Monica Nowlin: Coordination Assistant

Monica is amazing. You will love her. That’s all I can say right now. Come back soon to learn more….

Brian Jensen: Graphic Design & Branding

Artist Statement:

The thing that I love most about design is solving the challenges. In invitation design you have many challenges that will come into play. Will the invitation represent both bride and groom? Will the older guests at the wedding understand it?  How can the invitation match the save the date while matching the whole rest of the wedding decor (if the save the date still needs to get sent next week)?  I love hearing about the inspiration for the event and seeing how we can communicate every little detail into the design of the invitations and website.

Meet Brian:

  1. Creative Inspiration: I am generally inspired by Scandinavian design and crisp typography.
  2. Favorite part of a wedding: I love dancing, but i think i also love being involved in the process of forming an aesthetic for the wedding.
  3. Stranded on a desert island, what would you bring? Jeff Probst so that i can compete in immunity challenges. Read more …

Jeff Neckers: Graphic Design

Artist Statement:

I design because I love subtext. We communicate without words much more than we ever do with them, design is responsible for what the information is not telling you. Design gives insight into mood, environment, voice, and personality. All of which are essential parts of a conversation, ones that need care and intentionality to communicate your message.

Meet Jeff:

  1. Creative Inspiration: 1960’s instruction manuals, old postcards, cigar boxes, Robert Smithson, Barnet Neuman, David James Duncan
  2. Favorite part of a wedding: Dance Party!
  3. First Artistic Experience: Starting drawing because of my fascination with comic books in middle school Read more …