Katie Hund: Design, Coordination, Floral

Artist Statement:

I love the details; I love delegating; I love getting things done.  I am constantly thinking through how things will work, what needs to be organized and how to get it done with the resources available.  Multi-tasking is one of my favorite things.  I love taking simple things and making them beautiful as well as thinking “outside the box” to create an event that truly captures the spirit of those being celebrated.  I started working on weddings when my dear friends started getting married.  Through the stress and business, I love working hard and seeing the vision come true.  It’s totally worth it.

Meet Katie:

  1. Creative Inspiration: I am constantly inspired by nature and the common things around us.  I love walking by houses and seeing the things that aren’t usually beautiful–and highlighting them to make them beautiful.
  2. Favorite part of a wedding: I love the moment when all the elements come together–flowers, decor, people…there is a moment when the things you’ve been working on for months finally join together into the perfect representation of our client’s vision.
  3. Stranded on a desert island, what would you bring? friends, a good book, a sunhat (please refer to the answer to question 4)
  4. Favorite Pastime? Cooking, going for walks, creating things, gardening–generally things that grandmas like.
  5. If you were to live in a foreign country, which one? Iceland–mainly because I want to go there.  and bjork.  and sigur ros.
  6. What’s the new black? tights with boots
  7. First job? Al’s Sports Shop–I used to do the press on names on the back of uniforms.  Man, I wish I had one of those machines now.
  8. Favorite blog to read: apartment therapy, design sponge…my google reader is way too full that this question makes me overwhelmed
  9. Favorite song to dance to? Whitney Houston–“I wanna dance with somebody”.  (runner up:  Coolio-“1,2,3,4 sumpin new”)
  10. How do you sign off on your emails? professionally–“Best”; for my friends–“-K”  (i guess you’ll know what you are by how I sign off)
  11. Favorite documentary? Invisible Children Rough Cut
  12. Pet peeve? when people ride their bikes with no hands.  I think they are being cocky.  I’m probably just jealous.
  13. If you were a professional athlete, what sport would you play? Hide-and-Seek (i still fit in a dryer, which always wins)

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