Brian Jensen: Graphic Design & Branding

Artist Statement:

The thing that I love most about design is solving the challenges. In invitation design you have many challenges that will come into play. Will the invitation represent both bride and groom? Will the older guests at the wedding understand it?  How can the invitation match the save the date while matching the whole rest of the wedding decor (if the save the date still needs to get sent next week)?  I love hearing about the inspiration for the event and seeing how we can communicate every little detail into the design of the invitations and website.

Meet Brian:

  1. Creative Inspiration: I am generally inspired by Scandinavian design and crisp typography.
  2. Favorite part of a wedding: I love dancing, but i think i also love being involved in the process of forming an aesthetic for the wedding.
  3. Stranded on a desert island, what would you bring? Jeff Probst so that i can compete in immunity challenges.
  4. Favorite Pastime? reading, bike rides, ice cream
  5. If you were to live in a foreign country, which one? switzerland
  6. What’s the new black? diamond embedded teeth
  7. First job? house painter
  8. Favorite blog to read: swissmiss, core77, boing boing
  9. Favorite song to dance to? “Heartbeats” by The Knife
  10. How do you sign off on your emails? brian.
  11. Favorite documentary? the whole planet earth series, man on wire
  12. Pet peeve? cell phones being used in stores / ringtones
  13. If you were a professional athlete, what sport would you play? table shuffleboard

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